2013 - 2014 Energy Efficiency
Transition Year Programs 


In November 2012 the CPUC issued a Decision approving a budget of $2 billion to fund the 2013-2014 energy efficiency programs proposed by Edison, PG&E, SDG&E, and SoCalGas. New to the the 2013-14 program cycles are programs that will be administered by 3 local government entities (Bay Area Regional Energy Network, Southern California Regional Energy Network, and Marin Energy Authority), which provide expertise in comprehensive retrofits and financing as well as in reaching local communities. 2013-14 Energy Efficiency program strategies target comprehensive building retrofit programs for sustained energy savings and financing to aid customers in making these investments. Other types of programs include a Multi-family Rebate Program, customized projects for commercial and industrial sectors, and Lighting Programs that target retailers and manufacturers.

See more Background on 2013-2014 Energy Efficiency programs.


ORA Position

ORA supports Energy Efficiency as a sustainable, cost-efficient means of reducing investment in fossil fuel procurement.  In particular ORA successfully advocated for key program strategies for 2013-14 adopted by the Commission:

  • Allocation of more than $200 million to financing programs, a portion of which will be used as leverage to raise capital from banks and financial institutions to expand the availability of energy efficiency loan programs to residential and small business customers.
  • Contracting with experts in market transformation to develop a plan for sustainable market adoption by 2022 of energy efficiency strategies, first focusing on retrofitting of residential buildings.
  • Utilizing Regional Energy Networks created by local governments to administer energy efficiency programs given their demonstrated expertise, innovative approach, and additional sources of financing, all of which will help to make the energy efficiency program more cost-efficient.

See ORA’s October 29, 2012 Opening Comments to the CPUC’s Proposed Decision.

See ORA’s November 5, 2012 Reply Comments on the Proposed Decision.  


Current Proceeding Status

See the Proceeding docket.


Other Resources

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