• 2014 Legislative Session

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    Below find summaries and ORA position letters on 2014 California legislation, organized by Assembly and Senate bills across Energy, Water, and Communications regulation. 



    AB 365 (Mullin) ORA Letter 

    The bill would have modified the current method of assessing non-bypassable charges for customers with onsite combined heat and power generation equipment, and exempted such charges from being applied toward energy that is produced and consumed onsite. 


    AB 427  (Mullin)  –  ORA Letter   

    The bill would have exempted large-scale energy customers using bottom-cycle cogeneration technologies from being assessed non-bypassable charges for energy that is being generated and consumed onsite.


    AB 1937  (Gordon)  –   ORA Letter  

    The bill requires natural gas corporations to provide a three-day notice to schools and hospitals prior to conducting non-emergency gas pipeline excavation and construction work.

    AB 2145  (Bradford)  –   ORA Letter  

    The bill would have modified existing law regarding community choice aggregation to limit customer enrollment by a community choice aggregator to the geographical boundaries of three contiguous counties.


    AB 2229 (Bradford)  –  ORA Letter 

    The bill would have required the CPUC to approve financial incentives for energy efficiency measures for military facilities and premises.  


    AB 2334  (Gray)  –   ORA Letter  

    The bill would have required the CPUC to develop and implement an “economic development rate” to promote business development at former military bases.


    SB 900 (Hill)ORA Letter  

    The bill requires the CPUC to develop formal procedures to consider safety in electric and gas utilities' rate case applications.


    SB 1090   (Fuller)  –  ORA Letter  

    The bill requires the CPUC to consider rate impacts on residential customers located in hot, inland climate zones prior to implementing default residential time-of-use pricing. 


    SB 1139  (Hueso)  –  ORA Letter  

    The bill would have required electrical corporations to cumulatively procure 500 megawatts of power from new geothermal energy facilities by 2024.


    SB 1277  (Steinberg)  –  ORA Letter  

    The bill would have required the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to collaborate with, and seek approval from, the CPUC prior to proposing a new statewide multi-year wholesale capacity procurement mechanism.


    SB 1389  (Hill)  –  ORA Letter 

    The bill would have prohibited gas corporations from determining gas pipeline maximum allowable operating pressure by using the highest actual operating pressure of the pipeline segment during the five-year period preceding July 1, 1970. 


    SB 1414 (Wolk)ORA Letter 

    The bill requires the CPUC to establish new, or maintain existing, demand response products and tariffs that facilitate the economic dispatch and use of demand response to meet or reduce electric utilities' resource adequacy requirements.



    AB 1434  (Yamada)  –   ORA Letter  

    The bill would have create a statewide low-income water rate assistance program.


    SB 936  (Monning)  –   ORA Letter  

    The bill provides the CPUC with authority to review and approve the issuance of tax-exempt bonds to provided potentially lower-cost financing to expand water supplies on the Monterey Peninsula.


    SB 1036  (Pavley)  –  ORA Letter  

    The bill requires the Department of Water Resources to develop a methodology for the voluntary reporting of energy intensity of water systems in urban water management plans, prepared by urban water suppliers.


    SB 1049  (Pavley)  –  ORA Letter  

    The bill would have required regional water management plans to account for climate change, energy use, and other factor relevant to regional water demand and supply projections.


    SB 1420  (Wolk)  -  ORA Letter  

    The bill requires urban water suppliers, in preparing an urban water management plan, to quantify and report on distribution system water loss.



    AB1693  (Perea)ORA Letter  

    The bill would have required the CPUC to complete rate cases review for small independent telecommunication carriers’ general rate cases within 540 days.


    AB 1717  (Perea)ORA Letter  

    The bill creates a new prepaid wireless surcharge collection and remittance system at the Board of Equalization (BOE), and requires retailers of prepaid wireless services to remit such surcharges directly to the BOE.


    SB 1211  (Padilla)ORA Letter 

    The bill requires the Office of Emergency Services (OES) to plan and develop a timeline for testing and implementation of next-generation 911 services, and to determine the surcharge rate necessary for implementing next-generation 911 services.


    SB  1364  (Fuller) ORA Letter 

    The bill extends the sunset date for the California High Cost Fund A and B programs from January 1, 2015 to January 1, 2019.