2015 Legislative Session

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Below find summaries and the Public Advocates Office position letters on 2015 California legislation, organized by Assembly and Senate bills across Energy, Water, and Communications regulation.  



AB 645 (Williams, Rendon) Public Advocates Office Letter 

The bill would set incremental renewable procurement targets in years 2023, 2026, and 2030.  

AB 674 (Mullin) Public Advocates Office Letter  

The bill would exempt large utility customers using on-site distributed generation from certain non-bypassable charges.  


AB 793 (Quirk) - Public Advocates Office Letter  

The bill would require the CPUC to promote customer adoption of in-home energy management solutions using advanced meter data.


AB 895 (Rendon) - Public Advocates Office Letter

The bill would require the CPUC direct any proceeds results from any litigation or settlement regarding the 2001-02 electricity crisis back to ratepayers, as specified.   


AB 1266 (Gonzalez)Public Advocates Office Letter

This bill would require energy utilities to receive CPUC approval in order to claim executive bonuses as an expense eligible for rate recovery, for a period of 5 years after a major state or federal safety violation.


AB 1331 (Obernolte)Public Advocates Office Letter  

The bill would provide that CARE program participants who fail to respond to an income verification request shall be permanently barred from self-certified reenrollment in the CARE program.


SB 350 (de León) - Public Advocates Office Letter

This bill would increase California’s renewable energy generation to 50 percent, and increase energy efficiency in existing buildings by 2030.


SB 723 (Pavley) - Public Advocates Office Letter 

This bill would require the CPUC to expedite implementation of energy efficiency measures on military bases.


SB 765 (Wolk)Public Advocates Office Letter

The bill would allow the CPUC to select an independent California Market Transformation Administrator to implement energy efficiency market transformation initiatives, as specified.

SB 793 (Wolk) - Public Advocates Office Letter 

The bill would allow utility customers participating in Green Tariff Shared Renewable Program to enroll for multiple years at a time for up to 20 years.  



AB 401 (Dodd) - Public Advocates Office Letter 

This bill would require the Department of Community Services and Development, the State Board of Equalization, and other stakeholders to develop a statewide Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Program plan.