Basic Service

California High Cost Fund B

ORA supports the CPUC’s process to remap California regions using the most up-to-date census data to ensure that regions that receive telephone subsidies are still eligible, given the high cost to the rest of California telephone customers who support this program.



CASF - California Advanced Services Fund

ORA supports the CASF program and ubiquitous broadband deployment and adoption as long as ratepayers’ investment is protected through verification that these goals are being met, and therefore ORA advocates for program reforms to improve cost-effectiveness, accountability, and transparency.


CTF - California Teleconnect Fund

ORA supports the goals of the CTF program to make broadband services more accessible in underserved communities, but urges the CPUC to increase accountability for expenditures and improve program goals and effectiveness.  



California High Cost Fund A 

ORA advocates for moving to an incentive-based regulatory framework, subsidizing the program on a per access line basis, and phasing out unexplained subsidies in order to reduce the fund size over time.


LifeLine Program

ORA advocated for expansion of the LifeLine program to Wireless and VoIP customers, but urged the CPUC to include even broader customer choice with strong consumer protections.


Video Franchising

Renewal Process

ORA advocated that stakeholders should be able to have meaningful input into the renewal process for Video Franchising.