2013 ORA ANNUAL REPORT: WaterWater AR image



Customer Rates

Cost of Capital Small Water Utilities

ORA negotiated a settlement with the small water utilities to reduce their return-on-equity from 10.20% to 9.79%, better reflecting historically low cost of capital levels, which will save their respective customers from $30,000 to over $3.6 million annually.


2014 California American Water General Rate Case

ORA is protesting Cal Am Water’s request to raise its customer rates by $20 million in 2015 because its revenue calculations are inconsistent with its current tariffed rates, and ORA urges the CPUC to ensure that customers first have an opportunity to understand bill impacts before rates are increased.


2014 California Water General Rate Case

ORA negotiated a settlement for Cal Water customers’ 2014-2016 rates that will save them approximately $6.00 per month compared with the utilities’ proposal, but urges the CPUC to make improvements to the Rate Design. 


Monterey Coastal Water Project

ORA opposes reimbursement of $3.5 million for the now defunct 2010 Monterey Regional Desalination Project as not in the public interest given the claim goes beyond what is contractually allowed, and the outcome of a pending criminal trial may impact the legitimacy of expenditures. 


San Gabriel Water - Fontana District Rate Case

ORA’s efforts were instrumental in achieving a CPUC Proposed Decision that would refund $20 million to San Gabriel Valley Water customers, given that its overbuilt Sandhill water treatment plant did not perform as promised.



Consolidated Water Rates

ORA advocates for a mechanism to make the efficient use of water more affordable and the CPUC should address all policy options in this proceeding.


Water - Energy Nexus

The CPUC adopted ORA’s recommendation to open a new proceeding to explore the important relationship between Water and Energy that will seek to develop partnerships between energy utilities and the water sector to co-fund programs that reduce energy consumption by the water sector in supplying, conveying, treating, and distributing water, including agricultural and industrial water customers.