• Smart Grid Metrics

  • Background

    In 2010, the CPUC began the process establishing goals and metrics to guide all stakeholders in a common policy direction and measure the performance of deployed Smart Grid technologies.

    In March 2012, the CPUC issued a Proposed Decision adopting metrics to measure the deployments of PG&E, SCE and SDG&E. Specifically, the PD ordered the creation of technical working groups to address: 1) updates or revisions to metrics adopted; 2) creation metrics related to cyber-security; 3) creation of metrics related to environmental benefits; and 4) creation of broad goals to focus all stakeholders on a common vision.

  • DRA's Policy Position

    DRA generally supports the Proposed Decision’s metrics, review process, and formation of Technical Working Groups. However, DRA recommended:

    The cyber-security Technical Working Group should be limited to

    considering cyber-security metrics, and its mandate should not be expanded

    to include cyber-security policies and protocols.

    This proceeding should also determine the extent of CPUC oversight over cyber-security, and to direct the cyber-security Technical Working Group to develop cybersecurity policies and protocols.

    • See DRA’s comments filed April 16, 2012.
  • Current Proceeding

    On April 19, 2012 the CPUC approved a decision adopting metrics to measure the smart grid deployments of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E.

    See the proceeding docket.

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