Transportation Electrification


Pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 350, the three large investors owned electric utilities in California (PG&E, SCE and SDG&E) filed applications on January 20, 2017 on how they plan to develop electric infrastructure to enable the transportation electrification (TE) of light, medium and heavy duties vehicles in California, with an estimated total cost of approximately $1 billion. The utilities’ proposals focus on installing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and education programs to encourage the electrification of the transportation sector to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

On April 13, 2017, the Commission ruled to consolidate all three utilities’ TE applications and segregated the review process into two phases. The first phase focuses on short-term priority review projects (PRPs) in an effort to accelerate widespread electrification and to further the State’s GHG reduction goals, with an estimated total cost of approximately $60 million. On May 17, 2017, the Commission held a workshop for parties to discuss the short-term PRPs in the applications and to develop a common briefing outline which parties used to address any concerns with the PRPs. No formal testimonies were submitted and/or evidentiary hearings were held on the PRPs. The Commission issued a proposed decision (PD) November 22, 2017. Parties, including the Public Advocates Office, commented on this PD and a Decision is expected in January 2018. Phase 2 involves longer-term standard-review projects (SRPs), which are estimated to cost $940 million and are longer term and more costly than the PRPs. The Commission expects to rule on this phase in the first quarter of 2018 and to adopt a final decision for the SRPs by April 2018.

The three small electrical corporations in California (PacifiCorp, Liberty, and Bear Valley Electric) also filed applications on June 30, 2017 on their TE proposals with an estimated total cost of approximately $7.4 million. On August 31, 2017, the Commission held a prehearing conference. Issues discussed were consolidation of the three small electrical corporations’ applications, scope of issues, and procedural schedule. The Commission issued a scoping memo on October 25, 2017 to scope specific issues.

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