• Smart Meters

  • Background

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), also known as "smart meters," is a fixed information technology (IT) system which is supposed to automate utility billing, optimize utility resources, and provide energy consumers with greater information on their electricity use.

    A Final Decision was issued in the PG&E Opt-out proceeding, requiring opt-out participants to pay an initial fee of $75 and a monthly charge of $10 per month, with low-income customers charged an initial fee of $10 and $5 per month.

    The CPUC approved Edison's smart meter Opt-out plan in April 2012.

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  • The Public Advocates Office's Policy Position

    Public Advocates Office (the Office) supported the use of AMI to the extent that it can provide net benefits to customers as projected when approval was granted by the CPUC. The Office recommends regulatory actions be taken, if necessary, to ensure AMI systems statewide provide a net benefit to customers.

  • Current Proceeding Status


    See the proceeding docket.