Smart Grid Deployment Policy Position

The CPUC required each of the utilities to file applications for their smart grid deployment plans in July 2011. 

DRA found the deployment plans significantly flawed:

  • No clear role defined for third-party providers; assumes IOUs as major drivers of smart grid development.
  • No clear strategy on why specific projects were chosen.
  • Most of the estimated benefits are environmental or societal benefits and not quantified.
  • Cost-benefits lack formal methodology.

DRA filed its protest on August 4, 2011:

  • The IOUs should make specific funding requests in their deployment plans.
  • Environmental and societal benefits should be quantified. When specific funding requests are made, the IOUs should include fully-quantified cost-benefits analyses.
  • DRA supports technical workshops at the start of the proceeding, with a determination of whether hearings are warranted after the technical workshops have concluded.
  • The proceeding should also determine how best to update the IOUs’ deployment plans, including a mechanism to gauge whether, and to what extent, purported benefits are being achieved.