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Demand-side Energy Strategies

The Public Advocates Office (the Office) analyzes demand-side energy management and conservation programs such as Demand Response and Energy Efficiency, which are implemented by the utilities. The Office advocates on behalf of consumers with a particular focus on achieving the state's goals, cost-effectiveness, and reasonableness of proposed programs. 


Cost-Effectiveness Protocols

The CPUC evaluates the cost-effectiveness of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response portfolios and programs proposed by California’s investor owned utilities by comparing the actual costs of the program to the estimated benefits provided by the programs.


Demand Response

Demand response is a set of actions taken by customers to reduce their electric consumption when the during local transmission emergencies or shortage of operating reserves, in order to avoid rotating black-outs.


Energy Efficiency

Customers fund approximately $1 billion per year for utility administered Energy Efficiency programs designed to utilize more efficient technologies to reduce energy demand. 


Energy Savings Assistance Program

The Energy Savings Assistance program is an energy efficiency program targeted to low-income households.