SDG&E Transmission Project
South Orange County Reliability Enhancement Project (SoCREP)



On May 18, 2012, SDG&E filed an Application with the CPUC requesting to implement the South Orange County Reliability Enhancement Project (SoCREP) in order to enhance the South Orange County transmission and substation infrastructure. SDG&E estimates SoCREP would cost approximately $400 million. SDG&E claims that the project would increase electric network reliability and reduce the risk of a potential system-wide outage in the South Orange County area.  

Specifically, SDG&E proposes to: 

  • Upgrade the 138/12kV Capistrano Substation to a 230/138/12kV substation 
  • Replace 138kV transmission line with a 230kV double-circuit extension 
  • Upgrade the Talega Substation. 

SDG&E estimates that 45% of the project cost will be paid for equally by all electric ratepayers throughout California, while the remaining 55% will be paid for by SDG&E’s ratepayers.  This will increase SDG&E’s rates by about 1%.    


ORA Position

ORA finds that SoCREP is not needed, and that reliability could be addressed by re-configuring the Talega substation. However, if the CPUC finds that increased reliability is needed then SDG&E should upgrade using the Trabuco substation alternative instead.  

Accordingly, ORA supports the CPUC's Final Environmental Impact Report, which recommends the Trabuco alternative, plus ORA's additional proposed electrical modifications. ORA's proposed modifications would install additional circuit breakers at Trabuco, which would provide the system access from two independent power supply sources, resulting in greater reliability and flexibility.   

  • The distance to construct an additional transmission line is much shorter (0.5 miles compared to SDG&E's 7.5 mile proposal), which will cost ratepayers significantly less. 
  • ORA's electrical modification provides extra reliability, at a lower cost.  


See ORA's: 

September 7, 2016 Letter to CPUC Commissioners. 

January 11, 2016 Opening Brief. 

February 1, 2016 Reply Brief.    


November 30, 2015 updated Testimony (originally issued May 26, 2015). 

November 30, 2015 updated Testimony responding to SDG&E's Supplemental Testimony (originally issued October 2, 2015).  


June 20, 2012 Protest to SDG&E's Application.  



CPUC Docket

See the Proceeding docket.