Alberhill Substation


In 2010, Edison proposed to construct the Alberhill system project in the Southern California Inland Empire for $318 million that would result in:

  • 1,120 Megavolt Ampere (MVA) 500/115 kV substation
  • 2-500 kV transmission line segments
  • Substation connection to the existing Serrano-Valley 500 kV transmission line

Edison claims that the Alberhill project is needed to address an identified future overload of the existing two 500 kV/115 kV transformers in the Valley Substation that feed the Valley South 115 kV system due to increased electoral demand on the Valley South 115 kV System.

ORA's Policy Position

ORA's initial evaluation finds the Alberhill project not necessary due to a number of lower cost alternatives. ORA also determined that Edison's justification for the project, based on its load demand estimates for the existing lines, is insufficient.

Current Proceeding Status

The project cannot proceed until the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) recertification phase is complete, which is projected for September 2012.

Other Resources

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