California Nuclear Decommissioning

The purpose of the Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Funds is to spread the high cost of decommissioning to ratepayers over the life of a nuclear plant, and take advantage of compound interest on the Trust Fund’s investments. The CPUC directs the investor owned utilities to collect a regular Decommissioning fee on customers’ monthly electric bills for Edison and SDG&E’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS – 30 years old) and PG&E’s Diablo Canyon (28 years old). The expected life of a nuclear power plant is 40 years. 

  • $5.2 billion of ratepayer collection is currently invested with the Trust Funds. 
  • At current liquidation value, combined Decommissioning Trust Funds are ~90% funded.  
  • The Trust Funds are currently invested in equities (60%) and investment grade fixed income securities (40%). 


Triennial Review of Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts

Every 3 years the CPUC reviews the investor owned utilities proposed costs required for decommissioning California’s nuclear power plants. The next CPUC review of Decommissioning Trusts is expected to begin with the filing of utility Applications by the end of 2015.