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Public Advocates Office Water Testimony Index

Below is an index of Water Testimony in 2018, served by issue. Testimony cannot be found in the CPUC docket because it is not part of the proceeding's record when it is first issued. Accordingly, the Public Advocates Office publishes its testimony on its website listed in this index as well as the respective issue webpages.



Water Cost of Capital

2019-2021 Cost of Capital for small water utilities (Liberty Park/AVR, Suburban, SGVW, and Great Oaks) - Proceeding A.18-05-001 et al.

Water Rate Cases

California Water Service Company (Cal Water) - Proceeding A.18-07-001

 Report on Operating Expenses (Kelsey C. Herbert M.)
 Report on Payroll Benefit SR14 (Roy K)
 Report on Plant (Alex L)
 Report on Plant (Cortney S)
 Report on Plant (Kyle G)
 Report on Plant (Zaved S)
 Report on Plant (Justin M)
 Report on Plant Common Issues
 Company-Wide Report on the RO
 Report on Customer Support Services (Mandy R)
 Report on Sales and Rate Design (Vanessa M)
 Report on Special Requests (Danilo S)

Liberty Utilities 2019 General Rate Case Testimony

 Liberty Utilities Apple Valley Ranchos Water Corp. - Proceeding - A. 18-01-002 - July 20, 2018

 Liberty Utilities Park Water Company - Proceeding A. 18-01-003 - July 20, 2018  
San Jose Water Company 2018 General Rate Case Testimony

- Proceeding A.18-01-004 - May 23, 2018


Testimony for previous years can be found in the Public Advocates Office's Testimony archive.