Data on State of the Internet

Public Advocates Office (the Office) utilizes Akamai reports on the State of the Internet to inform its analysis of the broadband connection speeds California customers receive.

Akamai is a global cloud service provider with over two trillion content requests per day. This uniquely positions it to collect information on worldwide Internet connection speeds, broadband adoption, mobile usage, and outages. 


Akamai Quarterly Report

Akamai publishes its quarterly State of the Internet report using its vast access to data, which provides insight to trends and rankings. Akamai’s analysis is based on:

  • Access to 800 million unique IP addresses from 240 countries / regions across 150,000 Akamai servers on 1,200 network providers across 90 countries. 
  • Data that encompasses connections from both residential and non-residential connections (including business, government, and education).


Akamai California Rankings

The Office reached out to Akamai to obtain California-specific rankings:


Broadband Adoption and Speeds 

Akamai California Rankings, State of the Internet Q1 2015 


Akamai Reports

Akamai State of the Internet Report, Q1 2015

Akamai State of the Internet Report, Q1 2014.