Energy Efficiency:
Statewide Marketing, Education & Outreach



Marketing, Education & Outreach (ME&O) is an important component of California’s Energy Efficiency strategy to build awareness and educate consumers on programs available to help them save energy. 

In December 2013, the CPUC issued a Decision, establishing a program administrator to manage statewide Energy Upgrade California ME&O campaigns. The CPUC identified the Center for Sustainable Energy to administer the program. 

In October 2015, the CPUC issued a Ruling amending the scope of its previous Ruling to consider the benefits of a competitive solicitation for an ME&O program administrator.  

In March 2016, the CPUC issued a Decision addressing outstanding Marketing, Education & Outreach issues. The CPUC Decision:   

  • Retains the Center for Sustainable Energy as the ME&O program administrator.  
  • Establishes a new RFO (Request for Offer’s) process through which future ME&O administrators will be selected for 5-year periods.  
  • Determines that ME&O campaigns should both generate awareness and leads for energy efficiency programs.  
  • Determines that the independent administrator should enjoy significant operational autonomy.  


ORA Position

ORA supports the CPUC’s March 2016 Decision, which largely adopted ORA’s recommendations. 

  • ORA maintains that awareness campaigns and lead generation are complementary. ME&O efforts should encourage customers to make immediate behavioral changes as well as make customers aware of organizations and programs available to assist them in further reducing their energy usage.   
  • ORA applauds the CPUC’s decision to choose a statewide ME&O administrator through an RFO process as it supports ORA’s recommendation that the CPUC should consider wider use of the market to procure Energy Efficiency, rather than using utilities to both administer and implement Energy Efficiency programs.  
  • ORA supports the creation of a strategic Roadmap, which will use annual Joint Consumer Action Plans to foster greater coordination and promote ME&O program effectiveness by coordinating local and statewide ME&O efforts.  


See ORA’s March 7, 2016 Comments on the CPUC’s Proposed Decision. 

See ORA’s November 20, 2015 Comments on the CPUC’s Ruling expanding proceeding scope. 



Proceeding Docket

See the Proceeding docket.   



Other Resources

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