PG&E’s Wildfire Expense Memorandum Account (WEMA)


In July 2017, PG&E filed Application 17-07-011 to establish a Wildfire Expense Memorandum Account (WEMA) to track “incremental unreimbursed wildfire liability costs.” PG&E also requests that the effective date of the memorandum account be made retroactive to the filing date of the Application.

PG&E’s memorandum account, if granted, would record costs associated with lawsuits associated with the 2015 Butte Fire, for which the Commission has found PG&E equipment the source of ignition. The memorandum account itself would not grant PG&E any rate recovery or changes to rates; this issue would be determined in a future CPUC proceeding.

Public Advocates Office Position

Public Advocates Office has protested PG&E’s application to establish a WEMA on the grounds that the authority requested by the Application is unsupported, overly broad, and inconsistent with Commission policy.

Public Advocates Office has also stated that any potential memorandum account should not include costs associated with the Butte Fire (which the Commission found PG&E equipment guilty of igniting) nor any costs before the granting of the Application.

Public Advocates Office has also separately responded to PG&E’s motion to make the memorandum account retroactive.

See Public Advocates Office protest and response to PG&E motion.


Proceeding Docket

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