SCE’S SB 350 Standard-Review Projects

Below is summary of SCE’s Standard Review Projects which are under review at the Commission.

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Program

Modeled after its light-duty Charge Ready Pilot, SCE proposes to deploy EV make-ready network to serve charging stations for non-light-duty vehicles, e.g. cargo van, delivery truck, shuttle bus, school or transit bus. The program will provide a rebate to help cover EV charger and installation costs. The program will benefit DACs because it targets warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants that are typically located in or near DACs. If approved, SCE estimates this program will cost $554 million.

New EV Rate Design Proposal

SCE proposes 3 new commercial EV rates based on monthly kilowatt (kW) demand (SCE currently offers two commercial EV rates: 1) TOU EV-3, and 2) TOU EV-4). The 3 new rates are:

  1. TOU EV-7 (< 20 kW)
  2. TOU EV-8 (21 to 500 kW)
  3. TOU EV-9 (> 500 kW)

The new TOU rates will more accurately reflect new peak times and account for regular commercial and industrial use activities. SCE estimates this program will not cost anything.

Key ORA Pleadings & Analysis