PG&E’S SB 350 Standard-Review Projects

Below is summary of PG&E’s Standard Review Projects which are under review at the Commission.

Fleet-Ready Program

PG&E proposes a non-light duty program to electrify customer’s fleets. PG&E will partner with delivery companies, school districts, and transit agencies to install make-ready infrastructure to electrify their medium duty/heavy duty (MD/HD) or off-road fleets, such as delivery trucks, school buses, transit buses, forklifts, etc. PG&E will target sectors where EV is most readily-available to replace conventional fleets. PG&E will qualify interested customers based on criteria, such as 1) demonstrated commitment to buy EV fleet and charger, 2) consent to provide PG&E certain vehicle and charging data, and 3) commitment to upkeep EV fleet and charger. If approved, PG&E estimates this program will cost $211 million.

Fast Charge Program

PG&E proposes to install EV make-ready network to support approximately 234 DCFC chargers at up to 52 sites in its service area. PG&E will work with charging network developers, cities and municipalities, and customer site hosts to determine best deployment locations that encourage usage with minimal grid impacts. If approved, PG&E estimates this program will cost $22 million.

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