Liberty Utility's SB 350 TE Projects

Below is summary of Liberty Utility’s Transportation Electrification Projects which are under review at the Commission.

Liberty Utility proposes 4 priority-review and 1 standard-review projects. The priority-review projects include:

  • A Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC) project to deploy and operate 5 to 9 DCFC sites,
  • A residential charger rebate program to provide $1,500 rebate to the first 1,000 residential customers installing home charger,
  • A small business charger rebate program to provide $2,500 rebate to the first 100 business customers installing EV chargers, and
  • A customer online resource project to develop an online tool of EV-related resources.

Liberty Utility also proposes an EV bus infrastructure standard-review program to install, own, and operate charging stations at a Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) site to charge EV buses that TTD intends to add to its fleet. If approved, Liberty Utility estimates this program will cost $6.3 million.

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