Southern California Edison’s Risk Assessment Mitigation Phase (RAMP) Proceeding



In 2014, in the Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (S-MAP), the Commission ordered the energy utilities to adopt a risk-based decision-making framework in their General Rate Case (GRC) filings.  

Following the framework, energy utilities would then submit their plans to assess, mitigate, and minimize their risks by filing Risk Assessment Mitigation Phase (RAMP) reports.  These reports would eventually be integrated into the utilities’ GRC filings.

On November 15, 2018, Southern California Edison (SCE) submitted its Risk Assessment Mitigation Phase report.  Since the submission took place before the Commission’s decision on S-MAP in December 2018, SCE’s RAMP report used the existing S-MAP reporting format to describe its plan to assess, mitigate, and minimize its risks.  Subsequently, the Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) issued comments based on its review of SCE’s risk quantification and mitigation plan in the RAMP report.  Parties also joined in the review process and filed comments on SCE’s RAMP report. 

It is expected that SCE will integrate its RAMP into the upcoming GRC application, due on September 2, 2019, upon review and modifications.


The Public Advocates Office’s Position

The Public Advocates Office served its comments on June 14, 2019.  The Public Advocates Office offered some areas of improvement:

-    Regarding SCE’s presentation of its risk assessment and modeling methodology, for example:

  • Track any changes made to SCE’s portfolio of risk programs when incorporating RAMP into its GRC application;
  • Use better safety performance metrics that appropriate track the effort to reduce SCE’s risks and the amount of risks reduced;
  • Analyze the impact of increasing existing controls (i.e. existing programs and compliance) aside from analyzing that of new mitigations;
  • Optimize spending on reducing risks;
  • Show how well SCE’s predictive model fits with historical data;
  • Differentiate clearly the existing control programs from the newly proposed mitigation programs; and

-    Regarding SCE’s modeling of its risks of wildfire, climate change, contact with energized equipment, underground and equipment failure, and hydro asset, etc.

Intervenors’ Comments on I.18-11-006

Please refer to our comments on SCE’s RAMP Report I.18-11-006:

-      Comments of the Public Advocates Office on November 2018 Submission of Southern California Edison Company’s Risk Assessment and Mitigation Phase (RAMP)

Procedural Schedule

As of June 24, 2019, the Commission has adopted the following schedule for the proceeding I.18-11-006, subject to modification by the administrative law judge:



  June/July 2019

If needed, additional workshops to be held on RAMP-related items.

  May to August, 2019

SCE incorporates RAMP results into its GRC filing.


Proceeding Record


See the proceeding docket.