5-14-19 Sierra Club Motion to Deny Party Status to C4BES - RESOLVED

 8-14-19 Cal Advocates Motion to Compel Further Responses to DR#4 From SoCalGas - RESOLVED

12-2-19 SoCalGas Motion Reconsideration re 1st Amendment Issues - PENDING CPUC ACTION

3-25-20 SoCal Emergency Motion To Stay All Discovery Due to COVID 19 - RESOLVED

5-22-20 SoCalGas SoCalGas Motion to Partially Quash Subpoena For Access To Audit Accounts - PENDING CPUC ACTION

 5-22-20 SoCalGas Motion to Supplement Reconsideration Motion - PENDING CPUC ACTION

6-23-20 Cal Advocates Motion for Contempt & Fines for Subpoena Violation - PENDING CPUC ACTION

7-9-20 Cal Advocates Motion to Compel Confid Declarations & Fines - PENDING CPUC ACTION

10-29-20 Administrative Law Judge Draft Resolution ALJ-391 – Resolution ALJ-391 Adopted Effective 12-21-2020

3-8-2021 – SoCalGas Petition for Writ of Review, et seq. to the California Court of Appeal
10-21-2021 – Cal Advocates Motion to Compel Access to SoCalGas Ratepayer Accounts - PENDING CPUC ACTION