Bear Valley Electric Service
2013-2016 General Rate Case (GRC)


On February 16, 2012, Golden State Water Company (GSWC) filed an application for CPUC approval to increase rates, effective in years 2013-2016, for its Bear Valley Electric Service (BVES) Division. Specifically, BVES requested an increase of $4.01 million, or 9.85%, in total revenues for year 2013. The average residential bill would increase by $7.56/month if the request is granted.

A Public Participation Hearing took place in August 2012 in Big Bear Lake, California. Evidentiary hearings took place September 17-20, 2012 at the CPUC.

GSWC filed a Motion to re-open the record on November 9, 2012 requesting the CPUC to submit a study just completed by its consultant indicating that 55 poles along Big Bear Blvd in Big Bear need to be replaced. 


Public Advocates Office Position 

Instead of an increase, the Public Advocates Office recommends the CPUC should approve of $2.95 million decrease in BVES' revenues for 2013, which would decrease the average residential bill by $6.33 per month.  The Public Advocates Office's analysis finds that the decrease is more appropriate due to lower forecasts in infrastructure investment and rate of return.  The Public Advocates Office also recommends reductions to BVES' request for years 2014-2016:



 GSWC Requested
Change in
Base Revenue   

The Public Advocates Office Recommended 
Change in
Base Revenue   


+ $4.01 million 

- $2.95 million 


+ $1.88 million 

+ $0.341 million 


+ $1.29 million 

+ $0.357 million 


+ $1.23 million 

+ $0.364 million 

The Public Advocates Office (the Office) neither opposes nor supports BVES' request to reopen the record given its Motion contains insufficient information for the Office to make either recommendation.  If record is reopened the Public Advocates Office recommends that within 5 days of the ruling, the CPUC order BVES to provide all parties with every report or other documentation BVES relied on as the basis for filing this Motion.

See the Public Advocates Office's November 30, 2012 Response to BVES' Motion to reopen the proceeding record.

See the Public Advocates Office’s July 27, 2012 Testimony.

See the Public Advocates Office's March 23, 2012 Protest.

See the Public Advocates Office's Oct 2, 2013 Additional Testimony.


Proceeding Status

This proceeding is closed. 

See the proceeding docket.