PG&E 2009 Triennial Review of
Nuclear Decommissioning Trust and Costs




On April 3, 2009, PG&E filed its Application requesting authorization to collect 2010 - 2012 decommissioning costs for Diablo Canyon and Humboldt Unit 3, via electric rates  

In addition PG&E requested a revenue requirement to cover the costs of operating and maintaining  the Humboldt Unit 3 site in a safe condition (SAFSTOR).    

PG&E sought revenue requirements of:    

  • Diablo Canyon Unit 1:       $11.1 million per year 
  • Diablo Canyon Unit 2:       $12.2 million per year  
  • Humboldt Bay Unit 3:       $17.0 million per year  
  • Humboldt Bay Unit 3
    O&M Expenses:
    $92 million



ORA Position 

See ORA's: 

April 3, 2009 Protest. 




CPUC Docket

See the Proceeding Docket