• Smart Grid

  • Background

    Senate Bill 1476 imposes requirements on investor-owned utilities (IOUs) using Smart Meters to allow customer access to their energy usage data without forcing customers to agree to sharing their personally identifiable information.

    In December 2008, the CPUC opened a Smart Grid rulemaking to consider setting policies, standards and protocols to guide the development of a Smart Grid system and facilitate integration of new technologies such as distributed generation, storage, demand-side technologies and electric vehicles.

  • Current Proceeding

    Privacy Rules:

    The CPUC issued its Proposed Decision on privacy rules on July 1, 2011. The Commission voted to adopt a final decision at its July 28, 2011 meeting.

  • Other Resources

  • DRA’s Policy Position

    DRA recommended the CPUC disapprove several Demand Response programs for 2012-2014 unless the utilities improved their cost-effectiveness. Overall, DRA recommended a reduction to the utilities' budget request by approximately $80 million.

    Commissioner Mark Ferron issued an Alternate Proposed Decision on March 20, 2012. Although DRA prefers adoption of Administrative Law Judge Hymes’ Proposed Decision, DRA can support the APD with modifications correcting technical and factual errors.

    See DRA's filings:

    • Comments on April 9, 2012 on the Alternate Proposed Decision
    • Comments on September 23, 2011 on proposed Demand Response participation rules.
    • Reply Brief on September 9, 2011, recommending the CPUC reject Demand Response programs that are not cost-effective.
    • Opening brief on August 22, 2011, opposing the use of ratepayer dollars for the utilities’ proposed $533 million 2012-2014 Demand Response programs because they are not cost-effective. 

    Read more about DRA's Policy Position and details of its recommendations to improve DR programs.