• Darwin E. Farrar began his career at the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) as an attorney for the Public Advocates Office (the Office) in 1998. Darwin spent five years as an Office attorney before leaving to serve as an advisor to Commissioner Lynch. After serving as an Advisor, and a few years doing rehearings and appeals in Legal division, Darwin moved to the Administrative Law Judge division where he worked for almost nine years. While in ALJ Division Darwin served as an Assistant Chief and the Acting Chief Administrative Law Judge. During his tenure at the Commission Darwin has worked on a range of environmental, transportation, gas, electric, and telecommunications issues.

    Before joining the Commission Darwin taught the advanced litigation practicum at Stanford Law School’s Community Law Project, helped found and direct several non-profit organizations, and litigated construction and environmental issues in the private sector. Darwin has served on the Board of Directors of the Nor-Cal ACLU, Americans for Non-Smoker’s Rights, and Berkeley Dispute Resolution Service, and was the president of the Board of Directors of the Conference of California Public Utility Counsel.

    Darwin received his BS, MPP, and JD from the University of California at Berkeley.