Our History

The Public Advocates Office (also known as Cal Advocates) was created in 1984.  We are the only State entity charged with helping ensure Californians are represented at the California Public Utilities Commission and in other forums. We do this mainly by recommending solutions and alternatives in utility customer best interests for decision-makers to consider when making policy and investment decisions on how to advance the state's energy, water and communications goals.

Our team of dedicated and passionate analysts, engineers, auditors, and lawyers work hard every day to put affordability, accessibility and equity at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.  We do this because utility services are essential.

Our Work

Californians deserve access to affordable, safe and reliable utility services. It is our top priority to help ensure this by:

  • Proposing creative ways to lower utility bills
  • Helping transition to a clean energy future at the lowest possible cost
  • Identifying new ways to achieve grid reliability
  • Ensuring that utilities are doing all they can to harden their systems
  • Assisting with prioritizing access & affordability to essential broadband and water services, especially in underserved or unserved areas

Our Executive Team



Chief Counsel


Deputy Director of Energy


Deputy Director of Communications and Water


Chief Policy Advisor

M Marcus 2

Manager of Governmental Affairs, Legislative Director