Technical Report, May 10, 2023 - 



This paper presents the analyses by the Public Advocates Office on broadband pricing trends in California and the implications of broadband pricing on achieving universal access to broadband. This focus paper places emphasis on the Small Local Exchange Carriers (Small LECs), which are thirteen small rural telephone companies in California. The Public Advocates Office’ analysis resulted in three major findings:

  1. Despite the fact that most of the Small LECs receive state subsidies, they charge some of the highest prices for broadband in the state.
  2. Broadband pricing trends are not uniform among all Small LECs. Those that receive subsidies charge higher prices than those that do not receive subsidies.
  3. There is a stark variation in price dependent on whether broadband was bundled with other services, such as voice.

To read an in-depth analysis of our findings, please click the link below. 

Download: Pricing Trends for California's Small Local Exchange Carriers

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